H  writes:

Hello guides you have said if I attract light and love on my path that I will have it. What practical things can I do to achieve this, open my heart and love myself? Also is L still scared of me?

The guide’s response:

Perhaps L is not scared but a little tenuous, a bit fearful that too strong of an energy can be overwhelming at this time.  So be gentle, blessed one.  As to attracting light and love, it is a simple question is that it is attracted to you.  How?  Ask and it shall be.  When you stand amongst many, open your heart to them.  Take your creative understanding and visualize a beautiful light shining out of your heart to them.  See you enveloping them and holding them in a radiance with love and light.  As you do this you shall receive this as well.  It is called channeling, blessed one.  And even at the times when you do not feel great joy, if you practice this, you might call it pretending, but practice makes perfect and the light and love will alter your energies so that you shall stand in the light with those that you send it to.