Sarah asks about the breakup of her relationship. She believes it was the big purpose for this life and she now feels lost and adrift.
Blessed one, you are not alone.  You are in a time of perhaps shock, or a deep, deep state of grief.  Be not looking as to any one being doing this to you.  But see this as simply part of a path and you seeking out the truth.  Your actions, your choices brought forward this state of awareness.  Embrace it my child.  Feel it.  Grieve for that dream that you had that was different from the reality.
Understand that the reality, what you have now, is good.  You have great abilities to soothe others, to help others.  But you have often left yourself helpless.  Apply to your life, witness your life, see your life as you have been doing and understand that this is part of a great healing.  You might think it is strange that you must be in pain in a time of healing.  Healing occurs when you feel it, when you see it and your senses are all one that dwell with you in the physical world at this very time.  Does it go away and then return?  No, my child it becomes a part of you and the rich, rich tapestry of who you are.  You feel pain because you have these depths.  Yes, you did choose to return to balance, not some great debt my child, but to help another grow.  So, if your pain is a disappointment for what could have been, but rejoice in your clarity that you know now your truth.  You might feel that you are cut adrift, but you are not.  You have never been stronger then you are now.  For these next steps that you choose, you will choose with total consciousness, spiritually and physically.
Do not be afraid to use the great abilities that you have–to help others, to heal and they in turn will help you to heal.   There are many that wish to support you, but you do not let them close.  I do not mean support you as in doing all things for you but to help you on this path.  Do not keep things so close to your heart.  Open yourself.    Allow the light and the love of what you see in your world to come out.
In time my dearest one, you will understand that this was one of the greatest things you have done for yourself.  Be loving and gentle and patient with your being and you shall see.  You are not alone my dear.