Asking about a loved one who has passed

A dear friend passed some time ago.  How is he doing?

Well, he’ still kicking around.  He didn’t want much to go.  He accepted it, but he is still very much tied to the physical world as you probably already know.  You are very intuitive you know dear.  And you’ve heard things, but you don’t really want to hear them.  You’d like him to not be talking to you.   It is unfinished.  Will he be able to?  Yes, at other times.  I am sorry to say it is not always very peaceful and wonderful when they first go.  Sometimes there are still things  tying them to the physical world.  And they need to finish that work, just as all of you do.  It can be healed. But you don’t need to bear the burden of it if it makes you feel uncomfortable.  Sometimes the feelings are so strong it can be a little upsetting.  You’ve had a lot of pain in your life, dearest one.   There is so much that you have come to do and give to others. You’ve been somewhat hiding, but you will be alright.  Bless you darling.

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