Ask for calm, radiant light and love around you

Funtastic writes:

I had a visitation several years ago from an entity.  He appeared just outside of my door.  He looked like an all black solid shadow of a male figure.  I believe he tried to speak to me as well since I heard something similar to a buzzing sound of some sort.  This experience scared me greatly and I rarely spoke of it.  Who or what was it that visited me?  Will I see more of this in the future?  How do I prepare to see that which is not normally seen and be without fear for my safety or loss of sanity?  I have seen tv programs where they talk about hauntings and malevolent entities.  These I want to avoid unless called to do work in such an environment.  I have been told that I have strong psychic abilities.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, when a being such as yourself dwells in the physical world, you radiate a great light.  It is not seen by your eyes for that is not possible, those that have passed over do see this light.  They see the light before they see the body.  This being was drawn to your beautiful light, not out of a desire to hurt you or harm you in any way.  This being was drawn because this being was confused.  That is what the buzzing was: didn’t know where to belong, had not made the choice to move on in to another dimension or to return and so was confused.  That is why when you saw this being you were in a state of complete openness or receiving, thus welcomed without even consciously knowing this being in to your realm, your light.  There was no intention to hurt but of course you would feel this one’s confusion.  When these beings might come to you know that they never want to harm you.

What you have seen on this TV, well, this is about entertainment, this is about creativity and expression by someone who likes to go boo in the dark.  It has nothing to do with the reality of spiritualism.  Dear, do not be afraid of those things.  It brings a lot of people in to the way of searching and looking for their truth.  It is nothing to do with what you saw.  There are no malevolent beings out there trying to overtake you.  There isn’t anything like that in spirit, dearest one.  There is a positive and negative understanding in the physical world, but they would be of physical form, thus in bodies, not ever in spirit.

In spirit, there is instant or eventual clarity.  At first, when a being first passes over they might be confused and thus seek you out for your great light as to information as to where they are and to what is happening to them.  There is nothing to fear.  They will not harm you they are just being on their own path but drawn to your lovely beacon.

Joanna asks:    So if that happens again what can this person do to help?

Firstly, take a deep, healing breath and ground yourself, then ask in whatever positive belief that you have that the person find their way to the light, that they be helped and if they need help from you that it is done in a way that does not frighten you.  Because of course it is not their intent to frighten but they might come through in a hurry.  You may state that you need to have calm, radiant light and love around you.  Just state it clearly, my dear, nothing to worry about.

You are very intuitive or psychic or whatever word you wish to use.  It is because you have grown vastly in this life.  You have come from a time of quite closed thinking into a time of openness.  You have come from a realm of restricted religious views in to understanding the greater and bigger and the most wondrous part of your being.  Do not be surprised if things happen quickly, but do not be afraid of your own wonder.  And if some gentle being is drawn by the warmth of your light–just help them on theiry way.  Tell them to seek the light of the greater source and they shall find it.

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