Ask all the questions, and do it in joy and light

Carol writes: 

My husband recently accepted a good job offer in a new location so I am now relocating with him. Please tell me what is ahead for me and what do I need to know for my highest interest in the upcoming year?

The guide’s response:

I know, dearest, you ask yourself why.  A part of you is angry, a part of you is relieved.  A part of you wonders why, for whom do I make the choices?  Do I feel supported?  Is it about money?  Is it about love?  Or, what is the purpose?  I know telling   you all of your questions doesn’t help you.  But it helps you clarify what you are thinking and it is alright to present the questions and await an answer.

It is strange you may ask for something so much, and when it is presented you ask yet another question.  And so, before answering anything, or choosing anything, take time to be still, to think it through.  What do you want to do, or be?  Is this life’s path you?  Is this a good representation of who you be?  I know you will answer “I have yet to do some things that I have not yet done, but I don’t know what to do.”  If it was a job, the entities that surround you they would give you the answer, but it isn’t.  It is your growth, your job.  Seek that that you are passionate about.  Ask all the questions and do it in joy and light.  See this opportunity as wondrous, a God-given chance to be, a chance to be.  Bless you my child.

You might think that I give not answers, but clarity. They are two very separate things.  You know it was once said to you that we are not the answer book. We present clarity.   A true being of light will never tell you how to be, but simply how you be.



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