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K writes: Hello,  I am wondering if more than one family member can be communicating with the same guide. You know which one I am talking about. Also my daughter has questions about “God” or source energy, and how it is that this has always existed. She has many questions. How can I best help her find the answers she seeks, and how can I help her relax? And how can I best communicate with her and her sister? Many thanks and love.

Guides response: Yes, many people can communicate with one

[spirit] being, but remember the transmission will be to the vibrational state of each being. The communication will be to the level of vibration, thus to the level of understanding. Small beings [children] will be hearing from one being, as you will see in many religions, but each will have a different ideology.

So worry not as to what others may be communicating. Speak to your daughter that you do not have the total understanding of all that is or is possible. That what you call God is the great creator and is not limited to one thing so could not possibly fit within a body, as you would understand it. But a part of that being [God or source energy] is in each of you.

As to what always is, timelines, physical time, these belong in the physical world. There is a part of God in the physical world but the whole of God dwells where there is no time, so there is no beginning or end. It is a circle that reunites itself constantly, there is no end, and thus no beginning. In the domain of the conscious mind, seeking to understand all things that move at a very slow rate, it is almost impossible to truly understand all of this. Teach that you do not even understand but you seek to know, that there is a greater understanding. This wisdom cannot be contained in the mind but in the spirit, and that is where you teach this understanding—from your spirit.

Note: Guides often use the word “being” to refer to either a spirit being or a person. This can be confusing so I’ve added clarification in this posts in square brackets. Joanna



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