Following our conversation with the the high guide about eating meat, another guide came through to speak to us. This is one that we call The Professor. His appearance sparked a wide-ranging discussion. 


Professor: I ate many chickens.

OK, can you talk to us about that.

There are creatures in your word that are so of light that they hardly even touch the earth. And the bird is one of them and they are more of spirit than of physical so eating of their flesh actually helps you a great deal. But of course a child doesn’t understand this. In time. Just know, in time.

And what about farm animals?

The domesticated animal is a wonderful thing. They’re big, wonderful energies, so willing to come, to be. And they are quite accepting of leaving this physical world and leave their body to you. And as long as they have not been in misery and torture, there is a wonderful exchange that occurs.

But you are quite right to know that huge feedlots are not a positive thing. Not only do they harm that beast, but they harm your world. They harm the people that work in them. And this does need to be changed.

That’s what you are in, this overturn, changing the old ways. Making them all new and shiny and acceptable. There is nothing wrong with eating the flesh of an animal that has been loved and cared for and helped into the spiritual realm with ease, and to leave that that is behind for you to ingest, to heal your bodies. There is nothing wrong with that.

And what about the fish, the wild salmon and the sea life?

A fish also has a rudimentary being. Their spirit is one of water, and quite easily exchanges. As water will go to steam quite easily and then turn back to rain, so is the fish very much similar in energy, and returns quite easily to spirit. And actually likes a challenge. It is there to be eaten.

What about different countries that eat pets as food?

That’s how they look at it. It is their belief. It’s like the other guide said to you: if you believe it, it is truth.

In time you may change that belief and it is no longer your truth. And then you will no longer be able to do that. Do you understand? Yes, it’s growth. You would no more eat a monkey or a dog or a cat… But there are countries that depend upon these for their livelihood. Are they wrong and you right? No, it is their belief.

And your truth is yours. And the evolutionary process is that you will evolve higher and higher until you will no longer take of another life to eat, to maintain your life.

So the people who are vegetarians are more highly evolved than we are?

Not necessarily, no. For they may do other actions that are much less. It’s all part of it. There are many ways to the truth.

This is a difficult concept for us, because so many of us want someone to tell us what is exactly right. Mind you, that’s what religions do and we know where that leads.

Absolutely, that’s where it began. It all began with politics and religion and power, with one lording it over others. But that’s how everything begins in the physical world.

 Are there wonderful shifts and openings right now?

Yes. Every moment. It’s not too long from now that you’re going to discover the cure for cancers. It’s not too long from now that you will use viruses to heal people. It’s not too long from now that old ways of farming will change, and will go back to nourishing the world.

Beautiful. There’s a big movement for that.

Yes. The dust cloud started rolling and the people started seeing it.

Unfortunately there may be difficult times with starvation ahead before we get there.

Yes, you may have wars over food and water. But right now when you’re in these wars over belief systems which are so far from any reality… And it’s just a few who have chosen this, not the mass. And unfortunately they are new souls that will not hear of any other way. It is their truth. They believe that God is on their side.

Yeah, that’s a dangerous belief.

But they should understand that God is on all sides, so stop killing each other and work together.

Will it ever happen?

It is possible. But there will always be some work to do.


I enjoy your conversations. I just had to say, “Don’t feel guilty about chicken.”