MovingForwardDiana – I have just had a traumatic experience and am concerned about my future health. I am trying very hard to be positive about the future but find I have days where it is difficult to be optimistic. I am in waiting mode and would appreciate your insight and advice. Thank you for your love and support. 

Guide – You’re not in waiting mode, my dear; you’re in a bit of fear mode.  You are fearful of anything others might say to you.  So instead of being in that mode, be in happy mode, controlling and choosing the right thing for your body.

Realize that this scare, well, really you know why you had to be scared.  You were not paying attention to your physical body. You were not dealing with all your emotional issues and it’s time to do so. Don’t just sit back and fear that someone else will put a label on you and that will be what you have to deal with.  Instead take charge of your path and your health and your being and your state of mind. And move forward into it with joy and bliss.

This is not a bad thing to do, dearest. It’s a very happy thing to grow and to stretch and be beyond who you are.