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At our recent Circles event, an audience member asked why some of the guides’ answers were so general in nature.  At our next blog session we discussed further this interesting question.  A beautiful guide came forward and shared the following.

May I talk to you about information that is forthcoming from those of us?  To some it might sound vague or general.  There is a need and a purpose for this, for we must not interfere with the paths of those who walk in the physical world.  Our work is to guide and help the being to find their choice, to instill within them the conscious thinking of what is at hand without giving them all of the information.

It would be very limiting if we were to give all of the information. Some beings in your physical world have confused us with those spirits that are still in between lifetimes and have the conscious ability to speak about a path and are not so worried about the growth of others.

When we say it is at hand we mean that you are in process now of making a choice and we will not interfere with that.   Of course, seeking information is a good thing.  But when a being is somewhat out of balance and seeks information to the detriment of the actual growth, that is out of bounds.  Usually, a being can gain enough information to make peace with the thoughts that are within.  But sometimes the focus might be on the truth of the imbalance that lies with the being due to a lack of love, turned inside out as a fear of love, a fear of living.  Each instance, each being is separate and unique in wonder, in a world on to themselves and their own growth.

There are certain general attitudes that apply, but uniquely each one is separate and wondrous in their being, in their growth, in their choices. It was touched upon that we spoke at this time that it is a time of being an individual, of understanding that you are separate.  You came from “the one” into a separate world where your bodies separate you. It is the only way that you can understand how you must magnify your energy, your spirit must grow.   You must take time away from “the one” to grow.

Follow your own truth blessed ones.

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