Allowing yourself to make a choice and move forward

Becky writes, “I am in the process of trying to clear out the clutter in my house and then move. I can not seem to come to terms if I should rent my house out, sell my house, have my boyfriend move here and we rent his house out, move in with my boyfriend and sell my house or buy a house and move in with my boyfriend. So many options and she’d like some guidance.
This dear one is afraid of losing,  afraid of losing this state of being.  A little bit of a control freak but not so much that she can’t understand it and move forward.  To be — is being all that you are, allowing yourself to grow and move forward.  Owning all parts of you that need to control.  It’s not something to be afraid of.  If you see it for what it is you will embrace it and move forward.

This feeling of being unable to step forward is a fear that you will be unable to control what you have.  You build walls around you my dear.  You need to understand that.  Is it for protection?  Or is it for…control.  They are one and the same.  Blessed one. Take time to understand your choices, take time to see what is truly before you.  This urge to get things organized is simply an obstacle that you have created in order to not move forward.

So if she wants to move forward, what should she do?

First, be.  Stop all things.  Be still.  Take stock or witness or truly see who you are.  I know you have.  And those things cannot be removed taken away from you by moving with another being.  Understand who you truly are—a true survivor.  It’s not about the move, it’s about losing that that is.  When you see that and understand it you will understand that you will lose nothing by making a choice.  You will only grow.

Thank you.

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