Allowing change within

Nancy writes, “Dear guides, thank you for you message. I know what you are saying; I do understand. I am not afraid anymore. If I could only trust myself and listen to my inner voice . I realized how much energy it take to be so afraid and I do not wish to leave this way in fear . I have made some peace and continue to do so everyday. I have made some decisions , I am selling and taking few months next year to go to Spain and go to France visit some family there. I have no regrets of my decision and hopefully I will be meeting wonderful people.  I only listen to my voice and this is what it has told me to do.  Love and blessings.

Congratulations dear Nancy.  But also understand that your voice grows and changes and that is not a bad thing.  So, if before this time you feel differently, allow yourself to hear that as well.  Your voice might find comfort within one place and the change and the growth of your being needing to move forward must be heard as well.  It is not unusual to have a fight within your being, but always allow love to shine through all discussions back and forth. You will grow and find what it is you seek my dear.

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  1. zarah October 11, 2010 at 11:37 am - Reply

    hello loving guides, thank you for all your help. can you please guide me in what would be the best direction for my work/career. Would it be wise to go back to school? I didn’t think that was where I belonged but now I am not so sure. Should I continue trying to start my own business? Any guidance you can give me I am grateful for. And there was a guide of sorts who once gave me some information whom I will call “W” is “he” a guide for me or was it help in passing, is there anything else about the song about the dream or anything else relevent and magical about this topic that you would share with me. Thank you.

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