Allowing another the space to find his own voice

Miss Dynamic Soul writes, “The man in my life KJ, and I have been together for 4 yrs. now. I am very expressive and I scare him. I am on a path of wanting and learning to be more authentic. I believe he would like to be more authentic, also but fear takes over with some unresolved issues from his childhood with his mother. When we have a conflict he runs from it. He has recently taken a new job in Hawaii and wants me to come there so we can start a new life there. I have known for sometime now that I’m called to be around water and the weather would be great for my health. We love one another, but we struggle every couple of months. If I continue on my path of enlightenment do you see KJ and me living in Hawaii and working out our struggles together?  And how do I make my space cozy for him to feel comfortable?

By listening to him–for you are not my dear.   You are very much wanting a certain scenario to be, but you are not listening to what he needs.  Give this one time and space.  You are definitely evolving, moving forward.  You can live wherever you need to live.  This one is just trying to find his own strength–that is why the issues with mother, that is why he is retreating from fighting.  Give this one the space he needs to find his own voice.  Be patient and be loving.  Be responsible for your own path, my dear.

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