Allowing a place in your life for another

Anonymous is wondering if there is a new man waiting for her.

Not waiting, dear—but looking.  There is a being, most definitely. But both of you have been very, very busy.  And obstacles and conditions have changed things. Do not stop waiting and allowing a place in your life for another being.  Sometimes a condition arises where a person fills their life up with so much that there is no room for another.  Open your heart and your life for a being to enter and be with you.  And trust.

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  1. Anonymous2 June 5, 2010 at 9:00 am - Reply

    I too am trying to stay open to the possibility of partner relationships-or completing relationship promises, but my life still seems so full work wise-as it always does- to take on anything else.
    I struggle with how to keep the work load and work stress manageable, let alone open my life to companionship.
    Any suggestions from the guides’ perspectives?

  2. Serindipity June 7, 2010 at 10:30 pm - Reply

    I am at a crossways in my path of life. My partner and I have had major problems for over 15 years but I keep hanging in there because I feel that things will get better or I am too scared to make all the bill payments on my own and it goes on and on. I am 51 and a half now and all of a sudden I know that I have to move on as it is not going to get better and he doesnt want to show love or even companionship anymore, it is all just a habit of the worst kind. I want to live and have an adventure again in my life but once again I have horses, donkeys, 2 wonderful dogs and I need to be in the place that I am living and he will not leave. I dont get it because the Universe has been there for me for so many different occassions and situations other than my relationship. I believe in the Universe for direction in everything but I just dont seem to get answers for this relationship situation that I am in….I just dont get it? Why will he not either change and work at the relationship or move and move on. I just plain do not know what to do….Universe show me the path that will give me an adventure and freedom. I feel extremely held hostage in this relationship now. I want love and freedom. Please give me some answers and some hope. Thank you.

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