What you were yesterday is not what you are today

Almandine writes:

I am afraid to make a mistake and so I do not manifest the many wonderful ideas that I have that could help people.  Also, I can’t figure out if I am selfish or self-preserving. I feel as though I want to be an activist and help to change the world. But I feel that activists, while their deeds are very loving, they are very cerebral and don’t get involved emotionally. I am not so cerebral and I feel like these people often times, while they may love the world, have trouble committing and loving one person when it comes to relationships. Why is it when they have so much love for the world that they cannot love one person honestly? I’m not like that.

Is it possible for me to do the great things that I want to, and still find someone that I could love completely and have children with? Or would that loving, deep aspect of my life soften me too much and make me a poor activist? And is it wrong to want to commit to one person?

The guide’s response:

Oh my goodness, my dear.  Do not judge all by the relationship you had with one.  Remember that there are many forms in which beings come to complete promises in this world.  Those that have great passion for certain things, it does not mean that they cannot be balanced and have passion for all things.  You have come up against one who is very much focused in one way and has not the capacity right now to open to other things.  It does not mean that there won’t be a time that that one does.  There is always the opportunity and the capability for growth.  It is up to the being of course.

As to yourself, you feel very confused about many things.  You have been going along with a group that feels very passionate about things, but you’re seeing as well that some are very unaware of other conditions in life that you see as a priority.  Being a mother, being a father, these are conditions that often set up such passion to be an activist, so do not think it is just one or the other.

Dearest one, that that you want is that that you shall have.  Open yourself to this. You have somewhat closed yourself off in many ways, thinking you have to perform or be limited or have a view of only one thing.  Allow your truth to change by the breath that you take.  For this is as it is my dear:  what you were yesterday is not what you are today.   You are growing. If you are truly following your passion, your truth you are a different person that you were yesterday for you will allow the truth to be unlimited and to flow through you.  Welcome in children, love, all the light and happiness you need in your life, my beautiful one.  You deserve all of it.

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  1. almandine February 23, 2011 at 11:21 pm - Reply

    Haha, than you so much ladies and guides…My questions are confusing but you answer them so well. Love and Light to you!!!

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