Allow others the freedom to be who they need to be

Timia Timia 

DSC03344I really wanted to give my item to SF and I tried, but to no avail. The pastor also lied to me about this. Will she and her husband ever read my work? Also, why did Waller stop talking to me about that? I feel so disrespected.

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No, no, no, my dear. Nobody lied to you. No one is disrespecting you. But they do not want to discuss your views and understanding of that that you wrote and created. So understand this about them, To each his own, my dear. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t those that are interested and willing. But you must be sensitive to the needs of others, not just yourself. For you are not listening to what they need to speak of. They want to believe their belief, and you yours. And so they turn from you.

Be patient. Hold the space when you are with others. Allow them their freedom to be who they need to be. And in turn, and in time, they will allow you yours. But always be humble and willing to listen to another’s belief, even if it is completely against that that you believe.

All must be given their time. If your truth is so strong within you that you believe it shall be heard and seen by others, it will, in time. But you must allow all of them their time to come to it.

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