All the dimensions you’ve been present in are with you

Anonymous writes:

Hello guides I’m writing today curious to know how I am or I am not connected to the Pleiades. Now I know in the big scheme of things we are all one. But what i want to know is what personal soul connection do I share with the Pleiadians. I do feel close to them and I’d like some info on my history with them. To me this is very important what can you tell me about myself and the seven sisters. Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, you are one that we might say has been hopping from one dimension to another.  Back and forth, never continuing for a long length of reincarnation in one dimension, but trying many different times and places.  So you will have memories.  You will have great love and passion for all the different dimensions you have been present in.  It is with you.  And all are wondrous, interesting.

But I will say to you:  Be present in the one you are in now–for it is the one that offers the teaching of the moment.  Not to say that you can’t have the memory and the drifting thought and love of that that was.  But you have chosen to return again for the greater learning.  For the greater learning lies not in that that was but in that that is present now.  That that was is part of you.  It creates the reality of the learning now.  It will always be familiar to you.  And bits of information that your society gleans about the understanding of other places and planets and those that have existence lifts you with joy.  For you know your truth.  But remember you came to be with them now, to teach, to be.  Be present, blessed one. And know that all that pulls you is within, already learned.  Already part of you.


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