Mary asks about guilt. She says, “I am very much in need of advice about guilt. Would you please teach me how to deflect it. I find it is often used as an emotional manipulative tool. I do not wish to absorb it or hold it as pain in my body. Thank you.”

She doesn’t understand that guilt comes from within her. Nobody can deflect something that you stir up within yourself. There is some part of her that feels she needs to beat herself about things and this what she needs to address. What a being says to you and does to you is up to them. It is their choice. And dear one it is your choice to allow to affect you or not. Ask yourself, “Does this affect me? Am I a horrible person?” If you choose to believe that about yourself, then you will create guilt.

Guilt has many reasons. It is not necessarily one of the greatest working parts of the physical world. It is supposed to be about responsibility and choices, not about debts and great weights that you need to carry around forever. This is all about a choice. It is about the old patterns you needs to release yourself from.

Dear Mary, no one is pointing at you; you are pointing at yourself. So the only person who can stop this, is you. You are a beautiful being, a very enlightened being now seeing truly the tasks and the needs for others to say and do certain things. Love them.

If you think of it as a deflection, pour love to them from your heart. You will not be so needing of being guilty if you are busy loving someone else–even those that are so much needing to have all of the attention. You don’t need to verbally love them; you could just pour it from your very center of your being. Fill that space that might be negative with love–love for yourself and love for others.

Every time you feel that twisting tightness that you would call guilt, go into it, relax, think of something most beautiful about the being that you may feel is trying to affect you with guilt. Or about yourself. And then, when the calmness pours over you and you feel yourself filled with light and love, take a deep, deep nursing breath and say “I am perfect.”

That is good advice advice. So often, we carry certain ideas with us of how we are supposed to be.

Yes, I spoke to you about these great religions clashing–it is all that dogma. It is all filtered down now to be big saddle bags that everyone is carrying around, full of stuff that doesn’t fit in their time and their generation. You know, there are entire cultures of people that carry great negativities from hundreds of years previous. What nonsense!

Yes, I see that and they are fighting over them and killing each other.

Yes, what nonsense. It is not even from their time. Remember to stay in the moment. We will speak it to you over and over again. To be present in the life you are in now, to see it, to witness it. To understand you are a piece of perfection. Everything around you is to feed that perfection and make it shine even more.

Who in the heck cares if your grandfather was a… who knows what… and did whatever. All you need to know about him is that he gave you some nice genetics, although sometimes even that has been altered in your world. Bless the physical world and accept it for what it is. It has some weaknesses because it is supposed to–but it is for you to enjoy.

Joanna’s comment:
This response is from a guide that calls himself the professor. He has a very down-to-earth way of talking about things. The part where he asks who cares what your grandfather did is quite amusing to me. We keep hearing about the choices we have in responding to what takes place in our life. Good advice here about staying in the moment and extending love.