Some time ago a woman named JanJan posted after reading about Jane’s opening and development to channeling. She talked about fear holding her back and about finding some help in the words written on the website. She didn’t really ask a question, but I wondered if you had any comments for her.

This blessed being knows that she has been many times in this state of the physical world—has evolved to a very high rate of vibration. And in such passion and joys sees the design of a world that she dearly loves. It is because of this great love, not only for her own growth, but for the growth of the many that she has chosen to be here. Thank her for her strength, for her wisdom, her amazing light touch, pure love. And may I say that sending “light touch”—it is a vibrational state that she has opened to. There is nothing she need fear. Tell her: be that that she is—and all is as it should be.

Thank you.