Advice for one whose life has been difficult

Daryian asks why her life is so difficult. She says she has lived with fear due to her childhood experiences and has a hard time making friends. She wants to be finished with fear and be healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. She asks what she can do to create the life she wants.

As she very well knows, she is an evolved being, very evolved. She came with great promises into this physical world offering many of these promises to other beings, but they did not fulfill their part. So part of her is very disappointed with the early part of her life when these promises were present for others to take up, and grow, and work together with her in different ways as in raising and nurturing, caring.

Beings often have promises with their parents and these were not fulfilled. So there is a great bit of disappointment in this gentle soul. And so, she feels in many ways that this time was wasted, but not so, not at all. For she is a magnificent being and can now choose to release this fear. It is almost as if it is of comfort to her now, as it is something that she knows and she is rather unsure of what is ahead.

Dearest one, I tell you, you can have whatever you want. You need only ask for it and not in a demanding way, but go forward filled with the love of being. Help others. Stoop to help a child, reach to give someone else something that they need. And in that, you will be helping yourself.

It is not surprising that you have been looking inward at your path for you are disappointed with many things. But do not feel disappointed. Evolved beings will let go of that eventually. You are letting go of it and can grab on to the life you want. You are an amazing being, a little chameleon in many ways. You can find yourself in a position anywhere and just take it on without any thought. You know this about yourself. You can be many things. Most evolved beings can. When you find yourself in that place you can be open and loving and calm and not worry so much of that what was.

By being present in where you are now–a survivor, a magnificent light–you will draw to yourself all that you need. Do not see your path as being a burden, but as a wealth. For you have intensity and wonder about you, you could help so many now. Yes, it could have different outcomes, every promise has that ability.

Do you understand what a promise is my dear? They are acts of learning that you come into the physical world to grow through, to be, to understand and they are often in combination with other beings.

I have heard about promises, for example, a being might come to a family where there was abuse. And the promise was to allow the parents to learn from that situation…

Yes, to offer a choice for them of growth. That was the promise and very similar to what this being has experienced. Not the same, but similar.

Any last words for this woman?

Do not think negatively of that that was. You have sparkling light in the midst of darkness. It has not changed your light. You are still radiant. You are just not seeing yourself clearly yet. No wasting of time, instead building of energy. You are doing just beautifully.

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  1. Andrea June 18, 2009 at 2:15 pm - Reply

    What I would like to ask about today is emotional eating. I have been struggling with compulsive overeating for about the past 10 years, but much more severely in the past 5 years. When I am in a place where I am overeating, it is like it consumes my whole life and my whole being, and I am not mentally strong enough to come out of it on my own. When I am not in a time of overeating, I then wonder how I ever let it consume my life. It is very hard, because it can come and go so easily. I know that it is linked with emotions and mental state, but that knowledge doesnt seem to be enough to keep me from sabotaging my own happiness. I am so ready to move forward and away from this, it just seems so impossible to overcome. Any kind of insight would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you for your wisdom and love…

  2. Anonymous November 21, 2009 at 7:04 pm - Reply

    Greetings Ladies and Guides. Thank you for this wonderful service that you provide.This is Gina. Can your guides tell me why I chose such dysfunctional behavior up through 7th grade? The events of that time had a major impact on my life even up to today. I feel guilty for not choosing behaviors that protected me instead of added more hurt to me especially since my home life was already dysfunctional. I added to my pain. Why did I do this to myself? I wish I had not done it because I feel that I would not have developed a fear of people and fear that my talking would get me into trouble. If I had done better, I would not have had those troubles in elementary and junior high. I would have been better able to blend in with peers socially. I believe. II mean what makes a child choose such negative behaviors that only will hurt her even though she may not see the long term affects at the time? I carry guilt for I feel that part of my predicament is my fault and I should have been smarter or loving or wise enough to avoid it. Boy, if for some crazy reason I ever return to earth, I pray I do not have to have the horrible childhood or family that I had. I mean since I have a very evolved spirit and all, I do not understand why I did not do better. I made bad choices. I blame myself for those and I feel I should have known better even starting at the age of 4 or 5 and upward.I do not even know what I felt at that time or what I thought. Was I in great pain? I guess I search for redemption or something. In short, why did I behave that way, why did I hurt myself, and why is it so hard for me to find love and forgiveness for the little child inside of me- my inner child? Doesn’t she deserve to be loved in spite of whatever she did that was hurtful to herself or others? I do not know why this has come up at this time. I just hope that it is going in the right direction of healing. Do I need to forgive me and if so forgiveness for what? I have to compare myself to the worst just to feel better. For example, 50cent the singer was a drug dealer and did things that hurt others but he is famous now and well liked. Were my actions worse than his or any criminal for that matter. I do not think even criminals blame themselves as much as I do.

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