Robert writes:

Hello dear Jane, I would have a dangerous question to ask you, but before answering, please check with your guides, if it is safe to reply to me. Basically  I have this trouble that I have some proof of whom I might have been in my previous life. The question would be, was I Loki in my past life? These are some related facts about me:
Since childhood, I wanted to destroy humanity for its corruption.
 A thorn shot me from a tree and it was from some spiritual matter, I removed it, and till this day, I have a mark on my hand. 
I know where Loki’s house is.
 A friend of mine summoned Loki’s voice from Loki in the past, and he avoided further confrontation from us via a same mind trick that I used, to save my self when I went crazy. 
I transformed my self into a falcon in one dream. Can you leave a comment if it’s safe? Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, there is nothing to fear. There is no danger. You have attached a part of what you consider a negative part of you to some mystical being that never existed. This mystical being was created long ago so that a society could not be responsible for their own actions, so that a god would be responsible.

You are afraid of being responsible for your actions, for there are parts of you that you do not understand. And the best way to understand, when there are thoughts and feelings that do not truly relate to that that you be but are part of you, is to speak openly to someone you feel safe and trust in. Someone close, who perhaps you have not shared some of this with. Not so much the friends, but a being who will protect and hold your thoughts and not judge you. So, when you bring the light of speech and words to thoughts, they often find their place,  where they belong.

Know that you,  in fact, in your last existence were an amazing being that saved many lives. A very strong and wondrous being that hid out in a place of retreat so that these young ones that you took would be saved and it was so. You came back very quickly to this life. And this often causes difficulty and a feeling of not belonging. But you have chosen to be present in the physical world, to experience it, to be part of it, to learn. Do not fear, blessed one. You will not harm anyone, not yourself, not others. In fact, in time, you will be a great teacher. So begin by speaking of your feelings and your thoughts. Help your being to be responsible for all parts of you and fear it not. Bless you my child for you do know the truth.