Caitlin asks about abusive relationships. She says, “I find myself in abusive relationships often, the current one is the worst. I want to break free of this, and to be able to not be scared. I’ve come close, and my life is overall fine. should I move?”

You often find beings around you trying to help you and yet you refuse. There is part of you that believes that you must take pain in order to be loved. Dear heart, learning to love yourself is taking action to heal, to live without fear, to have the right to speak your heart and not be judged.

Why has this returned in your life like a circle within a circle? Each time you see it more clearly and deeply. It is because you have not learned to love yourself. When you have the deep knowledge of how beautiful you are, how amazingly kind and loving. You may not understand why these beings have come again. It is because you have invited them. You need to learn the word “no.” And you need to learn boundaries. Tell yourself, “Who I am is just perfect!” Do this over and over.

Of course you need to move, you know that. You don’t need anyone else’s information to do that. Yet you fear. Beautiful one, stop. Allow the love from the universe to be there for you. Drink deep of this love and radiate it out. You are perfect and you are love. Say this to yourself until you be in it.

You already know what you must do to save your being. I love you my child.