Lola has difficulty being interested in people. She writes, “I’m a bit anti-social, although I really don’t want to be. What can I do to not dislike people so much? Sometimes I feel very good about being around others, but it never seems to last very long and people often comment that I am too much of a loner or too quiet. Can you give me some advice as to how I might be able to socialize more freely without feeling like I’m forcing myself?

Lola, dearest one, very ancient beings often feel quite lonely.  They often feel they can’t communicate with those around them because their thoughts and thinking are quite different.   But you do enjoy people.  There is also a condition of great shyness and a feeling that you aren’t going to answer the right way, or that others will judge you–because you judge yourself very harshly my dear.  You are always three steps ahead of yourself my and thinking, “Oh no, that won’t be interesting” or “That won’t do for the way they think”.   Accept them for who they are and accept yourself for who you are.  In other words, be that that you are.  Open your mouth and give your opinions and love and share.  Shyness is a way of controlling a situation as well.  You are a bit fearful of these things.  Trust my dear, no one is going to hurt you.  Step forward. Enjoy them.  Enjoy them in all who they be.  And enjoy yourself in who you be.