Advice for a young man wanting to meet a special girl

Sam wants to meet a girl.  He was told there’s someone named Heather in the future.
Dear Sam, don’t expect her name to be Heather.  But do know that there is a most wondrous being.  You’re somewhat cautious of your heart, my dear Sam.  And you protect it very well.  You don’t want it broken again.  Let’s put it this way: when you’re with a young woman that you feel is lovely and warm and nice to be with, you be that too.  Allow the magic of the energies of the two of you to search out.  Don’t be afraid of it.  Don’t worry about making a mistake.  Embrace life and the joys of love.  The physical life is wonderful blessing.  Enjoy it.
This doesn’t mean that I want him to run out and have sex.  It means that the energies of meeting and hearts beating and being excited about each other and coming together again is a blessed time, a holy time.  Enjoy it.
He says he feels a blockage of some kind when he’s around girls.
Yes, it is his heart pounding so hard he can’t feel anything but that.   And he feels afraid to make a mistake.  He thinks himself awkward and uninteresting and this is all not true.  He has stood and practiced many times in front of the mirror.  I don’t think I’m telling tales here.  But he needs to relax more and just see how they are being with him, and then follow their cues, and he will be fine.
Tell him that he is not the only man who feels somewhat weakened when a woman is in close proximity, that this is a natural state many times.
Thank you.  I’ll pass these words on to him.

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