P1020970Loving Mom asks about her son’s diet. She is worried that he is not eating properly and asks: Am I supporting/encouraging /providing enough options for my son to   eat properly?

Oh my dear, this young being has the heart of a lion. You mustn’t ever worry about this child for this energy, his spirit, is very big and very strong and has you completely bamboozled right now. And so, yes, give the drink—and beside it give a lovely piece of fruit.

Always offer. But say no more about it. Do not more talking. Feed yourself beautifully. Sit and eat beautiful meals. Do not discuss food. Do not talk about mealtime. Have no fights with this one over it; no asking, no expectation. Just simply forget all about it. And you will watch this one begin to eat.

Then slowly offer the same thing you’re eating. In fact you could give the very same plate of food beside the drink. Say nothing. And if he goes into a temper tantrum, ignore it, walk away. Remove the food—and the drink. Do not play the game. This child will not starve, blessed one. This child has become completely in control.

Now then, how you do give attention to this one is at times away from food. At times when you are walking together, perhaps when you read a book or see something or share some lovely information. Tell this one how much you love him. Give him hugs and squeezes. Of course unspoken words of love are the best; eye-to-eye, smiles. Have no expectations, no discernment of anger—just love, and laugh.

When this one takes a control action like not eating, just laugh. Do not get involved in it. He will drink the drink and he will eat the food because he wants to be bigger and stronger than you. Trust in this.

Oh bless you my dearest. Bless you for loving so much that you have made him be the one in control. The omnipotent child is a wonderful child. But you are the one, the mother, the caregiver. You set the pace. You turn the tables now. Not a big deal. No more speak. Just love.