Andrea asks for guidance with her vision of creating a healing center for all people to come to, to learn how to heal themselves. She knows that she should not get caught up in the “how” or “when” but wonders how she will be able to accomplish this great task. She feels it is her life’s work to build this centre and asks if there is any information about steps she should take now in the physical world to bring it about.

This ancient soul loves all beings and her greater frustration is that she simply wants to help them find their truth, their power, to unleash their being. First, we want to say to her “Thank You.” Thank you for this thinking, for this wondering. It is not easy in your physical world right now. But one who dreams, creates. For this is the energy that needs to create this dream path–knowing, trusting the inner dream to create For this is the energy that is needed. Realize this is not a big task, it is just a task. One that can be done, one that shall be done for it is already in process. Speaking, trusting, opening—this is how many like understandings come together.

It does not need at first to have a building. It needs beings, people to come together to create. Her greatest ability at this time is her ability to dream. It is often thought of as useless; thought of in negative term in your world. But all dreams are plans. They are the birth of the energy before it moves mountains, creates a life that draws the being. She shall do so. Tell her not to limit it with any expectations. Tell her to know that she is on the path of being. I know she does not want to be a teacher or a leader, but she can do so by simply being. It is often the path of least resistance. Tell her when it becomes difficult to be still. Tell her not to think in the future but now in the moment, to witness her life and those that are in it for they are with her.

And her guides will be helping her with this task?

Yes, as always.