Robert asks for advice on the nature of a relationship he has with one who lives close to him. He says, “I’ve tried in every way to understand it, but always end up coming back to it! I know this has been a gift to me but is there something that needs to be healed?


Acceptance of the ability to love is a wonderful part of you, my dearest. It is very much a wonder to love and to not have to hold, or control, or be totally communicating with words. The heart, that part of the spirit, channels through the great power of love, and connects you with this one and creates this communion of back and forth. This is true, do not deny it.

But accept that you have the ability to love many. Don’t be afraid of that. No, you do not need to act upon it. But love yourself too, my dearest one. For you have a great quality: You do not encumber things. You do not try to control them. You accept the situation of how it is and if the communication is not possible, to love and to allow each being to grow and to breathe.