A young child remembers a past life

I have a question here from someone asking about her daughter.  When she was a small child, she spoke in great detail about a past life. Enough that if they had tried, they could likely find the family of the person. Since that time more details have emerged that also would lead to contacting the family. This person asks:  Is my role as her mother to ignore this and help her integrate into this life and leave that old past behind?  Or is this unusual situation a special gift that we as a family have been given that we should explore? I don’t want to do anything to hurt or harm my daughter or cause distress to an unsuspecting family. I can hardly imagine contacting them and finding a way to say, “My daughter has said things that seem to suggest she may be your dead son reincarnated.” I can’t imagine saying this and so I wonder do we just let it go or do I find a way to contact them?


First, dear mother you’re doing beautiful, beautiful things. You have a great love for this child. But remember, this child is now in a different path. It’s wonderful to have memories of that that was. But it’s far too soon for any action be done on any other discussion of where she was in another time. It’s too overwhelming, too confusing for the child, even though much time has passed since the first beginning of this.

When this one is old enough, she can choose to do so if desired. It’s not something that you need to delve into. It is true, this being has lived before–as you all do many times. You don’t want me to seek out that that was or search in any way. Understand that it is. And that in this wonderful child’s way, and comforts that you have given this one the ability to speak openly about it is wondrous.  And do not judge, but to just hear, to listen, as you have done.

In many ways it’s caused you to think about your life, your path, and you have wondered about many things. This ancient one, this child that you call your child (of course I would call an ancient one), is going to teach you many things, as  you’ve often said yourself. This one has taught you so much about other things in life. You’ve been very busy going and coming and achieving many things but you’ve often now found yourself in still moments wondering: for what? Why am I here? Why has this one come to be with me? You’re seeking your truth, as is your child.  And let that child seek it when she is ready to do so, and you’ve found yours. Let the child write it down if you will fear that the memories will dim. But probably they won’t. And seek not to anyone else’s understanding about it. Think your own.  And you do very well my blessed one.

Can I ask you why a person would have a past memory when most of us do not?

The more evolved you are, the greater the ability to control that part of the grey matter, your brain. A variable spirit or shall I say that many many times higher moving energy is the spirit  of this child. You see child; I see one that’s ancient. They know they’ve been there before and they’ll often say to their mother or to their father, “ Well do you remember when I was the father or the mother?”

It’s a little disconcerting to some parents but it’s nothing you need to fear. Just try to remind them: this time, I’m the parent and you will follow my words. Children are often great clarity. Don’t you know when you first hold that new baby and look into their beautiful eyes.  Oh, these silly doctors tell you they see everything upside down–the truth is they see everything clearly.  And you know they’re looking right through you. But they’ve just been there.  And they know the love, the wonder that lies ahead of them. Oh sure, there’s part of their memory they must block out. There’s certain things about promises; some of them are quite heavy tasks that take a great deal of energy and concentration from the physical domain alone. So you must forget some of that.

But some blessed ones they won’t forget. Some wee ones come in with all the chitter-chatter of the other life and they can have times of great confusion and almost frustration in small bodies. They want to do big things. You’ve got a lot of them coming through right now, I’ll tell you. Yes.


So often children have those kind of memories they’re usually just for a few years while they’re very small and then they fade into the background–is that true?

Yes. The life’s path is complicated, has many things.  Not only is their physical body growing but many of the conditions and attitudes in which they come into the world to be a part of start to affect it, and it’s necessary to put it on hold. But they can remember it again in time. All ancient ones do.



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