Bubby writes:

Dear Guides,

I’m searching for clarity, and I realize I am going through a growth period. What I need is inspiration as I am healed by these beautiful words of wisdom so often. I’m sure you know what I need to hear to help me stay strong when fear kicks in. Why am I feeling as if I am in a funk and that my energy is repressed? I’m so grateful for your guidance, thank you.

The guide’s response:

It is often the case before new growth begins that there is a time of integration or maturation of the soul, absorbing all that has been learned.  She probably almost experiences a humming within herself, a not knowing, an itch to go and do and be and not knowing exactly where yet.  And that is exactly where she should be.  It is not a time that is negative or wasted.  It is an important time to dwell and sleep and take care of your being.  The physical body has great purpose and the spirit will fill in the blanks in time.  You are all thinking in your world that you have to fill every moment with something that is so spectacular.  Understand that a moment of quiet is spectacular.

Yes, we are all very busy.

Yes, especially as your vibration heightens.  The vibrations sometimes overtake the conscious understanding of what to do.

We take on too much?