I believe it is the strongest thing you can do in your physical world to love yourself.  And yet it is one of the most difficult understandings in the physical; not so much in spirit, for I see the greatness of who you be, the radiance of your spirit, far brighter than your body.

You create a body in order to learn, to live, to be and you will create many opportunities along the path from which you need to learn.  Somewhere in that you are like a beautiful little unfolding flower, gentle, but absorbing liquid in the ground that supports you.  And in this often is the concept of not being good enough.  And a part of your free will understands it that this world that does not believe you are good enough, then there must be something wrong with that that you created.

And so, learning to love the self again is very important to learning the promises and the understanding.  We are aware of this.  Take your time, each of you, in learning self love. It is not about adoration.  It is not about fashion or concepts of society, it is knowing that you are a fracture of God, an amazing energy of brilliance, be it light, colour or whatever you wish to call it.  You are created in the image of God for you are God.  You are a piece, an amazing piece with a purpose to learn, to grow.  How could you not be perfect?

You would not look upon a child and say well, you are not good enough.  You look upon them and say they are needing to learn and they will. This is what love means: to know that you be and you have the opportunity to radiate the love you be in your world. Whatever you manifest it through, a piece of art, a creation, a friendship, all things that manifest through you are telling your world who you be.  Understand that that energy comes out of you.  Let it be who you are: love.

It seems easier in a meditation class or walking along the beach to connect with that self love.  But it can be so challenging in difficult work environments to hold on to that or be that.

 I will give you a physical task.  When you stand in such an environment, where you hear the chitter chatter of many things from others, see them as blessings.  Feel in your very chest wall, put your understanding of warmth around your heart and see the doors opening and yourself channelling beautiful light and love to them.  You do not need to use words. You needn’t distract from what is being spoken or heard.  Open your chest, your physical warmth and love.  Fill that space between you and them and all around you in this form and you will stand in the light and you will affect all around you.  But mostly, you will bathe yourself in knowing who you be.  I love you. Namaste.