Anonymous asks about an experience at a meeting to resolve a conflict when she was suddenly filled with a sense of incredible love and peace.

Her heart opened and there was communion with the one, and to be there in the light, in that most blessed moment.  It was a time of no words, of no time, no thought—just being.  This will happen more and more to you, my dear.  To transform the whole energy of that that was.  People will say they don’t know what happened or where time went, but you will.

She wonders what the catalyst was for that.

It was in truth the radiance of love that she is.  It has often been spoken that if you speak of love your being is of love.  That is what was heard even though the words might not be that.  You moved the entire thing to the energy of love and it is the strongest energy.  Being a spiritual being you saw the possibility and believed in it.  And moved it to there. You will do this again.  It will become familiar.