A relationship of distance and a new venture

Someone calling himself Nighthawkcof has two questions.  First he asks about the new venture he is starting on.  He says, “I am doing the right thing. It feels right but I don’t know if it is the thing I should do or if I should go back to a more conventional way of making my living.

His second question is about his long distance relationship of five years.  He says, “I feel very strongly for her but we just went through a difficult phase where we almost broke up. Her parents got sick and both died within a week’s time. I may not have provided the support she needed and we drifted apart. I think we caught ourselves from completely falling apart. The question here is not only for me. I am actually asking for some guidance for her too as she is considering moving and I think she could use guidance too.”

This one needs very much to trust in his inner being.  He does know what is right for him and he has answered his own question by saying it feels right but he doesn’t know.   Your world is an amazing tool to learn through.  It will give you time in each instance to make sure that what you have chosen is complete in the knowing of your being.

This one has always tried to help others and do for others and so in this return to this new career it is more helping himself.  And it is good.  But he will always stand, no matter what.  In any time or any place this one has the capacity to do all things in the physical world–to help, not only self for others.  You would call this one a Jack-of-all-trades; he might think master of none, but this is not true.  He is a master of being, seeing.  When you are present with this one he is totally clear and with ease that you can speak.  That is why he has helped many beings.  And that is why he often feels for himself he has not what he needs. He needs to trust in this now.

As to the relationship of distance, this is never a good thing–especially for beings that need touch, to be present, love.  It is not my place to say that he should not choose to be with this one.  But he knows he grows very weary of it.

And what if this young woman moving and chasing after, speaks one thing but feels in her heart something else.  He needs to find truth.  Both beings are very wondrous, but fear that being together would be disastrous.  Not so.  They must choose to not deny the wonders of the physical world:  touch warmth, sight.  Words are very easy to write down and send but to speak them from your heart in the presence of the one you love all wrapped in emotion in the vibrational state of vulnerability.  This is what is needed here.  Do not be afraid, blessed one; be.

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