Anonymous  asks, “Why does BM often seem annoyed, frustrated or overwhelmed when he leaves in a hurry? When he is around me why are his feelings so difficult to express instead of a comfort? Does he not understand the depth of safety, trust and unconditional love that is ingrained in our bond?”

No.  The being enters into a life with all that was before.  There are fragile conditions that can affect the receiving and the understanding.  He was receptive about who he is, where he is and how he be.  Even though you think this not, his inability to express the wholeness of who he wants to be frightens him. He loves your willingness to trust and your love of being.

Your brilliant light attracts beings that need to learn how to express themselves for you are on a path of expression, dearest one.   You are now translating your understanding in many ways.  And so this bright light will attract those that need to do the same.  You may not understand all of this, but you certainly have a variety of these people around you, do you not?  Love them and share your amazing ability to love with them.  Your wonder has never labeled and has never judged.  Your being is ancient, many lifetimes.