Elizabeth asked if you could comment about Craig. She says she recognized him from a past life.

Yes, dear one. This being is one you have known before. And you had an interesting path with this one. I will not describe it now for it would be intrusive on his behalf and I will not do that. But I will say that it wasn’t the easiest relationship. And there are certain things that would have to be worked out with this one in time. The knowing, the familiarity is very good. It always brings two together to the place of learning, right again, instantly.

Dearest one. You tend to be very much in your head. You tend to analyze and need concrete truth and facts about things. It causes you distress when you don’t have something actually concrete. And this is your greatest test at this very moment– trusting in something that is rather elusive. It’s a deep knowing within you that you want to believe and trust and feel comforted in. But your mind thinks if you said it out loud you would not be so comfortable. Take your time. Be at peace with it. Be comfortable with the stillness and the wonder of your pool. You are a truly amazing being.