Almandine writes:

What my last life like? Was I man or woman(I think I was a man)? What was my personality? What did I do for work? What were my more “challenging” qualities(what did I need to work more on in myself?)
Also, I wanted to know if I was ever a mother to my friend Zack? Or was I ever his boyfriend/husband when he was a woman in his other lives? Thank you so much and blessing to you!

The guide’s response:

Yes, you’ve had many lifetimes with your friend Zack.  That is why you have such compassion and such frustration with this one.  You two have had promises back and forth many times.  In your most previous incarnation, you are correct, you were in male form hot tempered, beautiful, but very easy to spark.  And so patience is something you have to learn now but I won’t tell you all of what you have come to learn. You are truly a beautiful being.  Many things you are feeling intuitive about are your truth, allow it to unfold.