Green leavesI’d like to ask about maintaining optimism when we are in such a mess right now.

There is always hope.  There is always growth.  There is always love.   What might seem as a small minute growth to you, we are very pleased about.  The growth, no matter how great or small, is growth, forward movement, a heightening of the vibration.

You are going to see a great need of spiritual speaking upon your world.   You will help others understand that a being is not just flesh and blood, that the energy, the glue that holds it all together is greater than this.  Many must learn to trust and this is the job of the ancient ones to assist.   Do not be afraid of it.  Do not worry of those that may feel frighten by your views, that they are not in control of all that is at hand.  Be patient with them.  You have already chosen this.

There are many beings that surround each of you.  I have no doubt in the choices of many of you.  You all dwell in a time where often words will not suffice.  A touch, a feeling, a gaze, or simply just opening your physical heart and letting the flow of love flow out.  There are healers and teachers among you.  Be that that you are.  Be love.