Ruth Anne says she has the opportunity to go to Machu Picchu in 2010 and she wants to know if it will be a worthwhile journey for her from a spiritual perspective. She worries about the distance but she is fascinated and drawn to the Mayan calendar and the significance of 2012. She asks, “Do you have any insight in this trip as to my spiritual growth?”

Dearest Ruth Anne, you worry so much. You need to be still, to see the blessings you have and the power you are. Your great desire to be sure of every step limits you from great joy my child. Trust that you are wise, that you know what is right. Seek your own great wisdom from within. Any travel or trip should bring you great learning. There is too much fear involved with this now. You must release this and trust that it can be joyous. Or do not go if it causes you such strain, and instead travel to your own inner being.

You grew up in a lifetime of uncertainty, never feeling great strength from any place. Feeling always you had to create it for yourself. Be still my child. You are a strong being. Seek your truth. Take time for this first; then you will know if the traveling to this place is for your greater growth.

Do you have any comment about the Mayan calendar and the significance of 2012?

Not unlike many civilizations in the physical dimension, trying to control their surroundings. Trying to name and limit all manner of the physical. It is believed because it is a complete circle, that it ends. They do not understand that a circle has no end, or beginning. Because in spirit nothing ends and the beginning is constant.

All of those that fear this are choosing to fear this. Trust in the power of being. You choose. You can choose to end your circle, if you see it as thus. Or you can choose to continue. Remember your own power.

Every civilization over and over–circles within circles–will rise, will try to contain, and then come to the realization that it cannot be. And will return to begin again. Do not fear this birth. Rejoice in it.