A hand in the darkness will always bring light


J:  I’m having a problem seeing the light in the people sleeping in the park with their shopping carts full of junk. And I’m trying to find a way of resolving this confusion because I don’t have as much sympathy for them as I would like to. And I wish they would just go away and I can’t figure out a way to work with this.

Oh dearest one, they truly are beings that have become lost and they want to be lost and they find their park a place to hide in. If you embrace them they will dissipate because they don’t want to be seen; they don’t want to be heard. Bring light, bring conversation, bring energy to them and they will dissipate.

I’m afraid.

You needn’t be. That is all noise and bravado. They are very, very afraid. It is instability within them.

Well I’m trying to look at society and find a solution but it seems it’s endemic. It’s everywhere. It’s beyond our city….

There have always been beings that opt out of society’s expectations. And these are they, whether through actions of their own, or perhaps society, or perhaps their early life, they choose to be outside of it. But unfortunately in the physical world it is not possible to live as an island into yourself. (Unless you are a very evolved, balanced being and these would never choose to be separated from the world.)

And so, how do you seek attention and help for these that are so lost? By bringing the attention to others, and I know you have done so. But you mustn’t give up. Continue to bring this awareness to all, not in a shunning, negative way, but in a conscientious step to loving them. Don’t withdraw from me. Loving them is what you need to do, to open your heart to their souls.

These things that they gather, they are trying to find themselves in some thing, for they have no concept of who they be any more. They will often pack great quantities and hoard them in a corner in the hopes that that will represent a life, a being, a purpose. Of course you realize this does not.

A hand in the darkness will always bring light, my dear. Try not to fear, but to love. And if you cannot do that physically, then from where you be extend from your heart an openness to them. You are a mother; you love. They had mothers; they were children.

I often think of that.

I know this, and this why I am appealing to this part of you. They were held in arms; perhaps not as lovingly as you would hold one of your children. Find that love for them and you will bring light to them. As winter sets in, more help will come.

Bless you, my child.


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