A guide’s words on forgiveness

IMG_0782When you think that people might be saying something just to hurt you, the best thing and the most healing, healthy thing that you can do is just to give them forgiveness.  To love them and to forgive them gives you the greatest gift—and that is healing. Because if you forgive someone they cannot leave any hurt within you; you give it back to them. You see them for who they are and where they may be—and love yourself in the process.

You may have felt the words that were spoken were directed at you, but know that they came from an inner sadness within the other person. So you don’t have to own that. Bless them and let them be on their way. Take the spiritual path. Love them, forgive them. Love yourself enough to see each being in their own path, doing what they must do, just to get through their days—just as you must do in your life.

Have compassion and empathy for all people. Take not their words as any harm towards you.  And love yourself.

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