A guide’s suggestion for moving beyond judgment of self and others

imagesI want you to practice standing outside yourself and looking upon your being and loving it, as a mother would a child. Look upon yourself with love and caring. See how beautiful you are, how unique, how special. And as you step back into your body, look upon others as you have looked upon yourself—not judging.

And perhaps instead of using your mind, use your heart to see them. And all the judgment will melt away, and you will simply see them as beings trying to do their best. Love them in their state of growth.

Find love for yourself and you will find love for others.

Your world has it very confused, seeing self love as somewhat egocentric or conceited. Attention to the being, if truly understood in the gentle energy of love, is a wondrous state. For if you love yourself, you will love others with ease, knowing there is no end—for you are filled with love.

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  1. Nancy October 28, 2014 at 5:23 pm - Reply

    My dear guides, I have a question concerning my health. I have been to the doctor and they only giving me antibiotic because she said I had a cold virus but my cold is not going again and I have no energy .I look pretty tired and I am worry I have headache all the time some time it is on my left side and it goes to my right side .Sometime I feel I am loosing my eyes side . I am not to sure what cause this I am tired of having headache all the time I cannot remember for the past month to have one day without having a headache .It is my teeth or my eyes who are causing all this pain . My eyes does hurt and feel I cannot see well now and I do have reading glasses now are they to low for me and it is the reason of all those headache .I am using meds all the time for my headache sometimes it help sometimes not . Is it my sinuses who cause it .I really like to know because in the past month I have been sick and tired of being sick I have a stomach ulcer with that and my cold does not go away . But most of my concern in this moment is those migraine headache who goes to the left eye and right and I cannot concentrate even read a good book like I used too. Thank you my beautiful guides for all those years .I am truly grateful .Love , Nancy

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