A guide’s reflection upon Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

Well, some have thought of him beyond the state of a real human being and they will continue with that. He is very uncomfortable with that. He wants them to just get on with living, their lives.  He was ready and very much willing to move into the realm that he is in now. He wanted very much not to be needed in the physical domain.

Blessed one, it is not very often that a being is enlightened as this one and comes into your  physical world  to do and to be.   Remember, he chose to be a peacemaker. He chose to walk the peaceful trail even when he did understand the violence and he know that it can and will sometimes cause change.  But he used peace for he knew and felt it was the long lasting methods. He knew violence and felt violence as he was experiencing was not the answer.

This being is very much a very, very ancient being and is even still now is very humble, but filled with joy for he is having a reunion of beings he lost a very long time ago.  Some of these losses changed and caused him to walk the path he walked and now he is reunited with great love.  These are beings that should teach many that if you can follow that, that they walked, that they lived and that they talked, not some idealistic charicture.

I think a lot of the clear messages has been glossed over in an attempt to make him more of a saint or something. He had powerful messages about poverty, labour unions and racism.

He saw the common thread and always followed that. He was even given ways to get out of jail, but he had to stay the course that all would know that the truth will out. There is no finer teaching for he walked what he believed.

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