A guide’s perspective on the Trayvon Martin shooting

G writes:

This question is about the murder of Trayvon Martin and the results of the investigation that followed. Please speak on the George Zimmerman verdict, how this has affected African Americans, and society as a whole. What can be done next to make sure the police do an honest investigation before releasing a murderer without arresting him? There is a lot of anger in the nation and worldwide right now over this incident and verdict.

The guide’s response:

Dear one, if you take a moment and look around your world you’ll see that you have come to the world at a time when great changes are at hand. We in spirit have been calling it the overturn of souls. And when one is present in the time in the physical dimension when this is happening you will see many things that seem very unjust occur. And they occur to teach. They teach many. And this situation taught many. And what does this mean? It means many must now choose to change their views, their thinking, their approach, and in society their laws. For certain laws have become antiquated and need to be changed. They no longer suit the society that has evolved. And in many ways they limit the society that now has a great number of very new souls and a great number of very old souls.

I’m not saying this was right or wrong, but this was a learning point. This wondrous soul that your society calls Trayvon and this other soul came together in a time and their two understandings clashed. And the bond that was created in their coming together spread over your universe in learning. It is both bad and good. Think of the blessed being that gave up his life for this learning and the blessed being that stands in the point of receiving so much hatred out of an act, a choice, that was made without thought. See neither as bad, but both as good, my dearest.

Oh the society you live in has great learning. And you’re going to see these things in many forms. But don’t be afraid. Choose to the highest of your knowing and learning. In every opportunity where there is a choice to be made, make it one that you would be proud to be making.  Make it not out of fear or out of a need to not stand out.

You have made a few choices and you received some negative feedback. But your choices were right. And the negative feedback taught many people many things. It’s hard to understand when you stand in a body the purpose of all things. So see it, and see how it makes you feel. Ask if you have learned or grown. And if you have grown or changed your understanding to a higher vibration, then its purpose was good.

Awareness, love, to a higher degree, is always good. Some, instead of loving their neighbour, will build walls, and they will chose against growth. And they will take arms. But love them. Love them that they will trust again. Put down the arms, take away the walls, and see being to being with a higher purpose—a spiritual purpose.

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