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Jane had a question about the Overturn of Souls and is asking how we are all doing. Can you comment on that?

The simple fact that you have to ask tells you that it is not complete.   But when there is an imbalance, in the energies of the physical world, there is somewhat chaos.  It is great learning.  The learning that is taking place now is quite amazing. As you’ve all heard many times, it is a time for new learning. You must help those new souls that have arrived to understand, to grow, to move forward. It is a  new testament.  It is not with old books that have been translated so many times they have lost their meaning.  It is not with old understandings or old proverbs.  It is with a new understanding, reaching from the now, so in many ways it will be a natural teaching.  That means that your nature, your physical world will teach a great deal where it is very much present.

Do you mean the physical world is teaching where by example we have typhoons in the Philippines and tsunamis  in Japan?

Yes, new beings, new souls need to  have a very present experience to learn, to grow; hands on you might say.   Or perhaps I should say it is too soon for them to learn from that that is written and spoken of a long time ago.  That is not what happened then to them.  It matters what happens now.  So, you must create an understanding that they will be able to absorb, almost as if you must create a new language, a new text, a new form in which they can see the actual happening causing in themselves.   Even as a young child learns: if you will stand too close to the flame it may burn.

The lack of medium-aged souls, or middle ground, creates the difficult times.  These souls have grown and evolved very quickly into the more advanced beings and they do not choose to be in the fray.  They watch from their ivory towers and simply say it is too much for them to tolerate, for their energies are in a bind–and it is true.

We now beseech you:  if you want your physical world to maintain, to grow, to heal, to support, then step forward to help those beings in whatever means and manner you can, even if it is only through just being present, hearing, seeing and teaching by that that you hear. Please do so.

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