Last week we talked with the guides about our treatment of animals.  This is part one of three parts of the conversation. This was with the very high guide that gives no name.


I would like to know how it is that some children will pull the wings off of flies and then there are other children that will save every spider. Is there a natural instinct for people be cruel like that? Or is it an evolution of their own spirit?

Yes. Your evolutionists will say that it is just the cave-like part of a being coming out, that man was meant to kill. No. The taking of the life on an animal in its domain is not a natural process. Now then, if you were all still living in the woods and had no gardens to feed yourselves with, then there is a need to take a life. But that life was usually taken in honour, not in violence. You see, it’s about the approach you take to each thing.

Your ancient belief systems often had religious connotations to the taking of life. It gave them the feeling of not being negative, but having the right to do so.

I am saying the same thing over and over: it relates to one’s vibrational state, whether you are conscious of it or not. If you are conscious that you are doing something under an act that makes it right, you will not harm your vibration. But if you are conscious that it is a negative act, it does.

A child has to learn that that is not right. But sometimes a child does it and knows that it is not right. That’s a very different issue—one that needs to be addressed by loved ones.


I hear what you’re saying and I’m thinking of a friend who when he was young shot a squirrel and when he saw the squirrel he was…

So upset, he was.

Yes, and he would never, ever take up a gun and shoot an animal again.

Yes, he became a pacifist. 

I think this may be a common experience for children; it reminds them of things they have already learned.

Yes. And thus that gift that the squirrel gave was an act of love. And the action of the one that took the life was an act of learning. And hopefully, willing to forgive and accept.

You must understand that being a willing participant in your world is very important. You are not placed here as an act of attrition or punishment. If you came, you chose to come. You are a willing participant. Things are not done to you. You receive that that you need to learn.

What do you do if you feel bad for hurting a bug when you’re small. When I was little I put salt on a slug and I still feel bad about it.

It reminded you of what you needed to remember. You learned. If you have knowledge, it is a different thing altogether. But the next time before you act, you will remember. Pull back. Be willing to forgive that creature for irritating you. And let it be.

But what about mosquitoes?

It has a purpose.

I’d like to know what it is.

Transmits all sorts of viral diseases, replenishes its being. It’s actually quite a miraculous little being.

Well, I must say I’ve smashed a number of them.

Their whole life span is very short. You didn’t shorten it that much.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

(The next post will address the question of eating flesh of animals.)