Our world and its water, Jane Kennard, Circles within Circles

A guide speaks about our world and its water

I worry about water. We are 75% water, and our polar ice caps are melting, and we are poisoning our water. Is there any way to tell people not paying attention that this is important?

Until they are uncomfortable, usually new souls don’t grow. They must be made uncomfortable with that that is—whether it be by thirst or the realization about how very dry and hot the world has become.

By then it will be too late.

It is never too late, my dear. For even if all is diminished there will be new life. The time of struggle, to each individual being, must be their own. To each life there must be certain friction, my dear, you know this, in order for growth to occur. The friction doesn’t have to be so painful that a planet must be poisoned. It doesn’t have to happen. There are choices at hand.

Why is it, when you think that energy was created just for you–this energy can be created to actually support your earth, support your world, feed your hungry, educate those that need educating. To choose always the positive, that is where the truest struggle lies. And each of you knows when you make a choice against that of your true self you feel very uncomfortable. Multiply that many times over, what will occur if you have never made a positive choice.

I say these things only in that I can to you. There are many I would never speak of such things to them, for they must find a place to even ask first.

All is not lost. You are in a schoolroom, an amazing schoolroom, a blessed place to learn and grow. And you hope upon graduation that it will still be beautiful. Keep that hope. Choose for it.

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