A guide speaks about dog training

IMG_4934Mike is asking about how to help his dog with socialization.  He says the dog is appropriate with smaller dogs but dominant and feisty with dogs his own size. To help him with what looks like dominance I’m working on putting out more leader energy.  Perhaps I need to use a head halter to redirect him not to be so challenging with his head and eyes ? Or take him to obedience training?  But I think classes I took my previous dog might or might not be the right ones. Any guidance on where my dog is coming from and what would be best to help him would be appreciated.

This beautiful creature adores you, loves you.  And in the understanding of the mind of this creature, must protect you.  This creature feels your fear and instantly reacts.  So, it is you that must not fear, blessed one.

Mike is trying to be more of a leader with the dogs. Is that what you are talking about?

Yes, and within Mike’s realm of understanding of great love, wants to protect this dog where the dog is only mirroring and wants to protect him.  So, try not to do any protecting, just be.  Be joyful, be happy and light. You see, the instant his heart beats an extra beat the dog reacts. The senses that these creatures have far outweigh any understanding the human body has of how sensitive they are.  Not that it is my place to train a dog (gentle laughter).  I will tell you that the unconditional love is the best route.  Love this dog and love the other dog.  Be joyful in the dogs and let them be together and have expectation of only light.  You see it is that chain reaction of one to the other to the other that causes these creatures to start reacting.  And, in truth, if all beings of the human form would step away the dogs would not fight.  They would search each other out and understand that if they are not worried about us, they will not fight. There is nothing to protect anyone from if there is no fear.

Tell Mike to wear a strong scent such as bergamot, peppermint or spearmint.  These can sometimes override that.  You can also give this lovely dog, what is the name of this in your world? Rescue remedy.  Yes.  It contains a substance that will help alleviate some of the stress preceptors.

And play with this creature.  Play with him and enjoy him.  These ones never learn from cruelty, attacking or hitting.  They learn by giving you the love they have for you.

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