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Hello, at your Evening with the Guides on Jan 6th, one of the guides who came through identified “himself” as a mathematician. I was the one who stood up and asked him if he could tell any stories about himself. What was said was fascinating, and he also ended up saying some specific things about me. Would you consider posting it on here?   Thank you!

J – Can you talk a little about your life as a mathematician?

I wonder why you asked me this question because you also think of math in your mind.  You love things like this.   I didn’t just have that lifetime but it was probably the most famous lifetime, not that I wish to talk about that.  But I studied where the earth was, in its position to the stars and the sun, and I worked these patterns out.  Believe it or not there were many more evolved beings in the world at other times than there are now.   That was my life and I wrote many things and began thinking that perhaps the earth perhaps was not flat.  It is rather funny, really, as the more primitive the beings, the more round they knew the earth was.  I had to be very careful because in those times numbers were fearful.  They felt they had evil understandings and there were many that wanted to kill me.  Luckily, it was more of an earthquake that ended that.  Anyway, it was a life there and I still am seeking to understand it, still.  You are very frustrated where you are working.  You have a very creative mind.  You should start putting down your understandings and how they pertain to your world.

J – Can you be more specific?

Well, you almost feel like you are just putting in time because you learn so quickly and you have pretty much absorbed and learned all of that and now they almost feel like they are dragging you backwards instead of forward where you want to be.  You are almost making judgments for other people’s needs at this time.  You have to decide what is more important, your own moving forward or the needs of others.  That is the only thing holding you back, very creative mind.  You could work with computers.  You could work with them all over.   You could create these amazing visions.  I would have loved them.

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