A dream of having children with a partner

Starr asks, “Will I have babies anytime in the next year or two? I met a guy from another country and when we’re together, we’re like teenagers in love. Do you see this relationship working out long term?  And do you think we’ll be able to have kids together? The distance could be an issue, and I’m not sure if my life is stable enough to have a baby. The thought of having a baby with him feels like a fantasy or a dream. I want to know if it could really come true.”

These are two very different questions.  Be in the now, dearest Starr.  Yes, you will have children.  As to when–this is your choice.  If you want this being (the man you are asking about) to be a strong and steady being in your path for a long time, then make no decisions for him.  For that would be against his clear understanding of himself.

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  1. k July 10, 2010 at 8:41 am - Reply

    I am having difficulty deciding whether or not to put my daughter into a new school next year or the year after or would it be best for her to stay where she is now? The concern is that they won’t notice how bright she is in the new school and she will become bored and be lost in the shuffle. However, part of me is telling me that because she is such a great communicator that it would be impossible for them not to listen to her and to me. She also has great passion for some of the teaching methods in her school now and I am not sure how good the limitations of some their “inspirational” structure is for her. Any input and advice as to where she would thrive would be greatly appreciated. Great thanks and much love.

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