A discussion about evolution and the human race

Can I ask about my cat who has crossed over to the spirit side. Is there growth there for her?

Yes, they grow too, on a different level. You wonder about these theories of evolution? I will talk of these things to you.

You are correct to assume you did not evolve directly from the ape. No physical being evolved from an ape. This animal is separate unto itself — as is the human being. As was Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal, all of them. They were very separate. They died out when it became very cold on your plane. They were separate. And if they had lived longer on this plane they would still be in existence manifesting and evolving on their own plane.

But different from us?

Yes. This sphere you call Earth, this physical dimension has supported a manifestation of the physical being much longer than what is understood. There have been many civilizations come to a certain degree of understanding–and then they have been diminished. It is not a time for that now upon this plane as is often thought. And in those times when there was great disaster, there was still enough to proceed with the spirit in the physical on this plane.

Is that where the stories came from, like Noah’s ark?

Yes. It is somewhat an enchanting story, but you know that it is simply a story. That there were simply enough survivors to maintain the race. The need of the physical is such that is the race had been totally eradicated, then more would have been created. But there is a sense, there is an understanding that is correct: that it evolved from a single cell. But not all the single cells were the same at the beginning.

Do you mean that there was different spirit in some than in others? 

Yes. Your cells are different from a dog’s cells. The energy is different. There are other spheres within their own evolution, different understanding of the physical that you will learn. Some of the entities you will learn with there will be the same ones you have learned with here; some will be new.

And where does it all end?  How do I explain the light? You have glimpses of it upon this plane. Glimpses, a feeling in a second of perfection. If this moment would stay forever you feel you might burst. I cannot explain because I cannot find words to explain what it is like when you reunite with Mother Energy, with God. That then you would be the Creator, to create again. There are few moments that explain.

I once heard a guide say it was like the way a raindrop feels when it reunites with the ocean.

Yes, these phrases are right. A feeling of total love–to be just love.

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