Lately I feel compelled to write and I am tired of what I have been doing for a living for a long time.   But I worry about the practicality and how to support myself.    

You want money, my dear? You want to know how to make money and support this love of writing you have.  Money is an interesting thing in your world.  You all seem to think it has a persona, but it doesn’t.  It is a tool. There are ways you can support this great love you need to do.  But you are a little afraid to let go of one thing before you start.  You won’t sink. You can do it.  You need to go and speak to a person that is going to help you with this.  You will find it through an educational method and they will help you to show you how you are going to attain this.   Because there is also another thing that you are very good at, that you could also do as well for yourself writing and it would not take so much of your time and energy.  In fact, it would in fact help you with your writing, in the process, giving you money.

Darling, I am not going to give you the exact name of the person. You have to go and look for him.  It is through a school, a writing place that will help you and they will show you a way to do this.  I have so enjoyed this.