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Joanna – When people send in questions with nothing more than a name which may or may not be real, how is it that the guides can focus in on who is asking and what they really need to hear?  (Joanna’s questions/comments are noted below in green)

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Spirit Guide:  You are the only ones that are separated.  We are not.  To those that might speak, they are with them as they are with you.  There is only ONE where I be.  In your world of separate conditions you don’t have that ease of understanding.  It is all ONE, blessed one.  We are all ONE.

I wish that people who walked around in bodies had a more awareness of that.

There is a part of them that does, the eternal part of them, one that wants to believe in all matters of wonderment.  It is there, it is just simply a condition of the physical domain.

So, who sets these conditions and what is the purpose of it?

The attitude of the society, the family, that that is taken place before you arrive.  You have your books that have rules and regulations of how things are to be.  There are those that feel  if they do not follow those rules they would be lost in the abyss.  The abyss is very full.

So, you are talking about rules and the rules change from generation to generation?

Absolutely, yes. Usually those who write the books need to have rules so they write them down so everyone should pertain to them.

So, I am thinking about the rules that allow corporations to come and drill through mountains to bring oil.

That is not a rule, my dear.  That is a very confused concept.  There are all things present in the physical world for all of you to live, to eat, and succeed but under certain domains, well, rulers, politics, chiefs, that gain control out of fear and might they set up conditions of fear and you call them rules.  They don’t have to be.   It is a natural thing for people to want to have someone to take care of them, to not do their own work, to not be responsible for their own food and house and actions, their own exchanges of need–and receive.

There is a conditions when you suckle from your mother that makes you want to continue to be cared for and nurtured.  The time that you are in right now where there is this great conflict, this clashing of two sides, of two worlds; very much those that have it all and those that have nothing, old souls/new souls.

There is conflict in every dimension so it is not surprising that your physical world would also have great conflicts upon it.  It is a time to be responsible for your own action.  It is not good enough that the hierarchy you live under speaks one truth and it is not yours.  That is why you will see much action and it is good.

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